Every UC Hastings graduate exemplifies opportunity in action. When we invest in opportunity through this campaign, we ensure that the advantages we experienced—and more—enrich the education of future UC Hastings lawyers.

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Opportunity in action

Opportunity = Truck driver’s daughter is now proud owner on 9-person law firm, successfully practicing her craft—probate litigation.
Lauriann Wright ’94

Opportunity = Moot court, Jessup International Law Ccompetition, Moot Court Board, and summer jobs.
Tom Buck, USACAC, Los Angeles

Opportunity = Two events at Hastings helped me on my career path: hearing Geronimo Pratt’s lawyer speak at Law Day my first year, which led to a job in his office, and the moot court competition that taught me how to write a coherent legal sentence—oxymoron though that may be.
Evan Young, Office of the State Public Defender, San Francisco, CA