Named Giving

If you are looking to make a philanthropic gift with enduring impact, consider UC Hastings. Gifts of $25,000 or more may be recognized with your name or the name of someone you choose. You can honor a spouse or other family member, or recognize the profound influence of a colleague, a favorite professor, or a friend.

Endowed gifts are especially important to the law school. They provide support for the program of your choice in perpetuity and help ensure financial stability for UC Hastings.

To discuss the named or endowed gift opportunities detailed here—or to explore additional possibilities for lasting impact—please contact the Alumni Center at 415.565.4615 or


As CEO and scholar, the UC Hastings Chancellor and Dean assumes leadership of a multi-million dollar enterprise and exerts powerful influence on legal scholarship and practice. The endowment of the deanship enhances the prestige of the position and provides valuable resources for use in advancing the national stature of the law school.

$5,000,000 Deanship

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Academic centers and programs attract scholars, students, and working lawyers around critical issues of national and international significance. This dynamic interaction creates tremendous synergy and acts as a catalyst for cutting-edge scholarship and education, with results that guide legal practice. Your gift will ensure that UC Hastings retains its prominence as a leader in educating world-class lawyers.

$5,000,000 Academic center, to provide staff and research support
$3,000,000 Academic program, to provide staff and research support

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The faculty is the very heart of the intellectual enterprise and the foundation of the law school’s academic reputation. Your gift can help UC Hastings attract world-renowned professors who exemplify the best in legal scholarship and teaching. Competition for legal scholars is intense, and highly-sought professors rarely spend their entire careers at a single law school. The benefits and prestige associated with chairs and professorships are essential to recruiting extraordinary scholars and to retaining the remarkable talent we value so highly.

$3,000,000 Distinguished Professorship, to supplement salary and fully support research and teaching initiatives for a preeminent scholar
$1,500,000 Distinguished Chair, to fund research and teaching initiatives for a scholar of national prominence
$1,000,000 Professorship, to support research initiatives for a scholar
$750,000 Chair, to support research activities
$250,000 Faculty Scholar, to provide research support for a junior faculty member

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UC Hastings faculty shape the law through legal scholarship that reconceptualizes entire fields. High teaching loads and limited research support naturally inhibit schol- arly productivity. Your endowed gift might fund a student research assistant, resulting in an exceptional experience for student and professor. Or, your gift might provide academic subscriptions, database access, or travel resources for productive collaboration with other scholars.

$1,000,000 Clinical or Center Fellowship, to fund a one-year position in any of the law school’s centers or clinics, training lawyers as clinical or research faculty
$1,000,000 Faculty Research Grant, to support a specific research project
$500,000 Summer Research Grant, to provide support for summer research activities
$100,000 Faculty Travel Grant, to provide travel funds for participation in collaborative research and scholarly meetings

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Scholarships enable UC Hastings to attract students who are exceptional by every measure, and who enrich the law school through their intellectual inquisitiveness, their leadership, and their richly varied experiences. These students will decide between competing offers from the nation’s top law schools, and scholarships can make a real difference. Your named scholarship is a brilliant investment in the law school’s future.

$1,000,000 Full Scholarship, to attract an extraordinary J.D. student to UC Hastings, covering all expenses for one year
$1,000,000 International LL.M. Fellowship, to recruit an exceptional student who has earned the first law degree abroad
$250,000+ Dean’s Endowed Scholarship, to attract an exceptional student
$100,000+ Director’s Scholarship
$25,000+ Named Current Use Scholarship

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Hastings has a longstanding reputation for graduates who are hardworking, tenacious, and ambitious. They leave UC Hastings exceptionally well prepared for their careers as lawyers. Your gift can make law school even more meaningful through rewarding summer work in the public interest, or by covering travel expenses for research or externship opportunities.

$125,000 Public Interest Fellowship, to provide a summer stipend for a student working in a nonprofit organization
$125,000 Government or Judicial Fellowship, to provide a summer stipend for a student holding a government or judicial externship
$25,000+ Student Travel Grant


Graduates leave UC Hastings with an average debt burden exceeding $100,000. Fortunately, graduates have a stellar record of debt repayment, but the burden of loan payments can severely restrict the employment options from which new lawyers can choose. Debt assistance is directed toward lawyers working for non-profit organizations and government agencies.