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Innovating and seizing opportunities of the moment through the UC Hastings Fund.

Your gift to the UC Hastings Fund opens up a world of opportunity at UC Hastings. These unrestricted gifts provide the law school with much needed resources and the flexibility to address exciting opportunities and pressing needs as they arise, across the campaign spectrum — from scholarships and faculty support, to new learning programs, to upgraded technology and facilities. With a campaign gift to the UC Hastings Fund, the possibilities for impact are limitless.

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Ensuring access to the diverse opportunities of a UC Hastings education for future generations.

For generations of students who might otherwise have chosen a different path, UC Hastings put an education in law within reach, thanks to funding from the State of California. As a public university, building a diverse community of excellence in which promising students are not prohibited from choosing a career in law because of their financial circumstances is part of our mission. But state financial support for UC Hastings has dropped precipitously: In 1984-85, the State of California General Fund covered 77 percent of the law school’s total operating budget. In 2014-15, it covered 17 percent.

Recruiting students is a competitive business, and scholarships are essential to attracting and retaining the best; rising tuition and the cost of living in San Francisco are among the top reasons prospective students give for turning down UC Hastings. Scholarships also enable students to graduate without crushing debt that might limit their career choices. Robust scholarship options for students who wish to pursue careers in public service are critical to sustaining UC Hastings’ commitment to public service and public interest.

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Faculty Excellence

Attracting and retaining innovative educators, supporting research that influences law and policy.

UC Hastings has a long and distinguished history of faculty excellence. Just one example: For 30 years, the law school built an exceptional reputation by hiring outstanding retired law professors. Together they formed the nationally renowned “65 Club,” and their impact on students and the practice of law was nothing short of transformative.

Excellence continues to define the scholars and educators who train tomorrow’s UC Hastings lawyers and contribute to the evolution of law through their research and teaching. They pioneer new fields, leading the way for others. Their work is cited by courts across the nation, including the highest court in the land. And they are powerful advocates for the distinctive, experience-based approach to training that enables UC Hastings to produce graduates who are prepared to make an immediate difference.

A stellar faculty—essential to UC Hastings’ impact in the world and its standing among law schools—is a key area of investment for the Campaign for UC Hastings. With exceptional scholars and educators committed to shaping the perspectives and skills of 21st century lawyers, UC Hastings can attract standout students drawn to the opportunity to study with recognized and emerging leaders in law.

Through this campaign, we aspire to create at least five new faculty chairs. Your support for an endowed chair helps ensure that UC Hastings continues to attract and retain faculty members who can inspire and guide students and shape the future of law and legal education. Your gift to support faculty research enables the law school to advance the work of faculty pioneers and leaders.

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21st Century Skills

Cultivating the strengths tomorrow’s UC Hastings graduates will need to succeed and make a difference.

Changes in technology; the impact of innovation and start-up culture on diverse fields, from medicine to business; the globalization of everything; dramatic upheaval in the legal profession, with major firms downsizing and law school graduates seeking nontraditional careers … These are the forces that are reshaping the landscape for tomorrow’s UC Hastings students and graduates. And they are already guiding the way UC Hastings approaches legal education, today and for future generations.

The Campaign for UC Hastings will provide funds to ensure that law school programs address the opportunities and demands of the 21st century—and that future students can carry on UC Hastings’ tradition of graduates whose training, perspective, and skills prepare them to lead and serve. Priority investments include legal technology, programs that instill a global perspective, entrepreneurship, and clinical experience.

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Student Experience

Immersing students in the hands-on practice of law and the realties of the legal profession.

What distinguishes a UC Hastings lawyer? Exceptional practical skills. Strength of character. The ability to translate opportunity into innovation. A commitment to excel and to serve through law. All these qualities are honed through the immersive, intensive experience of a UC Hastings education. And as it has been throughout its history, UC Hastings remains dedicated to ensuring that the student experience reflects demands and opportunities of an evolving legal profession.

This campaign calls for funds to ensure that the UC Hastings student experience remains relevant to the paths UC Hastings alumni will pursue in the 21st century. Priorities include:

Experiential Learning:
Ensuring that future graduates can complete in an increasingly interdisciplinary legal marketplace.

Global Opportunities:
Enabling UC Hastings students to study overseas and foreign students to study at UC Hastings.

Training students to practice law and take advantage of opportunities across geographies.

Proactive Career Services:
Enabling students to prepare from the moment they arrive at UC Hastings for their future job search and future career

Public Interest Fellowships:
Supporting students who want to explore a career path of excellence and service, in the UC Hastings tradition.

Bridge Fellows Program:
Providing meaningful work that often transitions into a permanent position for UC Hastings graduates.

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Capital Projects

Investing in improvements to the law school learning and teaching environment.

To advance an education in law that prepares students for contemporary careers, UC Hastings needs a productive, well-equipped learning environment—one that fosters innovation, accommodates new technology, and supports collaboration and the open exchange of ideas among students and faculty. The Campaign for UC Hastings provides myriad opportunities to support and name capital projects that will enable UC Hastings to sustain a 21st century learning environment by upgrading current facilities and adding new features.

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