This campaign rallies us as a community to invest in opportunity, for the future of UC Hastings. 


Attending an alumni event in your region is a great way to stay connected to the life of UC Hastings. Whether it is networking with fellow alumni, hearing from campus leaders, or meeting admitted students, these events are the perfect way to get involved.

2018 Alumni Events Calendar

  • 1.27.18 UC Hastings MCLE Program – Legal Ethics, Competence, and Recognition and Elimination of Bias (Palm Springs, CA)
  • 1.27.18 SoCal Alumni & Board Reception (Palm Springs, CA)
  • 2.1.18 UC Hastings Hawaii Reception (Hawaii)
  • 2.8.18 Legacy Society Reception (San Francisco, CA)
  • 2.22.18 Fresno Alumnus of the Year Reception (Fresno, CA)
  • 3.7.18 San Diego Alumni & Newly Admitted Students Reception (San Diego, CA)
  • 3.8.18 Los Angeles Alumni & Newly Admitted Students Reception (Los Angeles, CA)
  • 3.13.18 Hastings Organization of Women, New York (HOW/NY) (New York, NY)
  • 3.14.18 New York Alumni & Newly Admitted Students Reception (New York)
  • 3.21.18 San Francisco Alumni & Newly Admitted Students Reception (San Francisco, CA)
  • 3.28.18 Seattle Alumni & Newly Admitted Students Reception (Seattle, CA)
  • 4.21.18 SPRING SOIREE (San Francisco, CA) 
  • 5.15.18 Special Events – SoCal Kick off Celebration (San Diego, CA)
  • 5.16.18 Special Events – SoCal Kick off Celebration (Irvine, CA)
  • 5.17.18 Special Events – SoCal Kick off Celebration (Beverly Hills, CA)
  • 6.4.18 Swearing-In Ceremony & Reception (San Francisco, CA) – RSVP HERE
  • 6.16.18 LA Summer BBQ (Lake Balboa, CA) – RSVP HERE
  • 2018 HOMECOMING & REUNION (San Francisco, CA) 
    • 10.18.18 Homecoming Beer on the Beach
    • 10.19.18 Student-Led Campus Tours 
    • 10.19.18 Speakeasy Luncheon & “The Great Debate”
    • 10.20.18 Reunion Dinners 
  • 11.27.18 Giving Tuesday
  • (TENTATIVE) 12.7.18 Swearing-In Ceremony and Reception (San Francisco, CA)


Making a gift is just one way to get involved with the Campaign for UC Hastings. If you’ve made a gift yourself, you’re ideally positioned to engage others with the goals of the campaign and encourage their support. Volunteer opportunities include:

Sponsor a local or regional alumni gathering, networking reception, or conference

The majority of UC Hastings events are generously underwritten by alumni and their law firms or companies. Sponsors are recognized in related promotions, in the school’s annual report of philanthropy, and at each event.

Sponsor an Opportunity Dinner

This is a great way to enjoy a wonderful meal, meet fellow alumni, and open the door to campaign support. Whether you offer your home for the event or host a table at another memorable venue, you create an environment for socializing and sharing perspective on the opportunities offered by UC Hastings.

Join the Reunion Campaign Committee

All reunions during the course of the campaign will rally alumni to invest in opportunity. Committee members join telephone conference planning sessions, contribute to the discussion on class events, make leadership gifts, and contact 10-20 classmates to encourage their involvement in Reunion and their participation in the campaign. Volunteers say these events are a great way to celebrate with classmates — and engage in some healthy competition with other classes in contributing to the campaign. Committee members and co-chairs/ chairs are recognized in various ways, including a listing on our website and event-day recognition.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact John McCoy, Senior Director of Alumni Engagement, or 415.565.4621.