This campaign rallies alumni and supporters to ensure that opportunity in many forms remains a vital and defining element of a UC Hastings education for generations to come.

The Goals

Through these five investments, we position UC Hastings to reassert itself as a national leader—deepening its influence and raising its profile among top schools of law. 

  1. Engage the best students and enable them to make careers choices without the pressures of debt
  2. Attract and retain outstanding faculty
  3. Enrich the student experience and offer more of the practical-skills training that is UC Hastings’ signature—and that is essential to success in competitive industries shaped by law
  4. Prepare students to excel in a world in which law is practiced globally and supports innovation worldwide
  5. Advance emerging fields in law with programs that prepare students to seize opportunity

The Opportunity

Opportunity is the Hallmark of a UC Hastings Education.

And across generations of UC Hastings students, it has taken many forms, from access to an exceptional education in law, to experience in the real-as-it-gets incubator of San Francisco’s Civic Center, to the excellence that defines our dynamic community of students, faculty, and alumni.

This campaign rallies all of us to ensure that opportunity in many forms remains a vital and defining element of a UC Hastings education for generations to come.

In an era when State of California support has dropped precipitously, we must ensure that UC Hastings’ definition of opportunity speaks to access—and that UC Hastings has the funds to drive innovation.

At the same time, we must take steps to equip future students for an evolving and competitive legal profession. Tomorrow’s UC Hastings graduates will need to be especially entrepreneurial, practice-ready, cross-functional, and globally focused.

UC Hastings has already taken steps to address these challenges—introducing innovative new clinics; stabilizing tuition; taking the lead among law schools by reducing class size. But further investments are needed to sustain the singular advantage that defines a UC Hastings education.

It’s time for UC Hastings alumni and supporters, a community of distinction and impact, to invest in opportunity—for the benefit of students, and for all who takes pride in UC Hastings. Just as previous generations invested in us, we must invest in the future.

The Priorities


In previous generations, State of California funding made a UC Hastings education possible for many promising students. But over the past 15-plus years, state taxpayer support for UC Hastings has dropped from 83 percent to 12 percent. Today, students who say “yes” to UC Hastings face challenging fiscal realities, with career choices often governed by the need to repay debt.

To sustain a diverse community of excellence, UC Hastings must compete successfully for the best students and prepare them for high-impact careers, whether they choose public-interest law, industry, government, or a nontraditional path. This campaign calls for scholarships and fellowships that put law school within reach for more students with the character and credentials to become UC Hastings lawyers.

A stellar faculty is also essential to attracting the best students—and to the profile and impact of UC Hastings. Through this campaign, we can invest in endowed chairs and funds for research that enable UC Hastings to recruit, retain, and support the work of faculty all-stars in an increasingly competitive academic market.

priority-2OPPORTUNITY = 21st Century skills and Perspectives

The ability to apply practical skills to immediate challenges, to compete and negotiate, to think deeply and solve complex problems, to serve clients and society—these have always been part of the skill set for UC Hastings alumni. But modern law school graduates need more. Twenty-first-century lawyers must be entrepreneurial and responsive to the influence of technology. They must think and work across boundaries. And they must be prepared to adapt across their careers.

Through this campaign, we will enrich and extend UC Hastings’s tradition of outstanding, practice-ready legal education by responding it to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Our investments will support experience-based learning in legal and workplace settings as well as through UC Hastings clinics—among the most innovative in the country. We will enable UC Hastings to leverage evolving technology to support legal education. We will ensure that tomorrow’s students learn law the way it is practiced: across disciplines and across geographies.


Investments in access and the student experience, in faculty excellence, and in programs that build 21st-century skills are more than contributions to future UC Hastings lawyers. These investments are absolutely essential to UC Hastings’ leadership, its reputation, and its value to every alumni generation.

By investing now, we capture a unique moment in the history of the law school: This campaign is our opportunity to build on the bold moves UC Hastings has already made to strengthen its programs and its standing. Through our gifts, we can position the law school that gave us opportunity to reassert itself as a national leader—deepening its influence, raising its profile and its national rankings. We can equip UC Hastings to attract, educate, and inspire students and faculty who recognize opportunity—and leverage it to lead, innovate, teach, and serve.